Prime Grains Inc. is a farmer owned company established by Canadian Prairie farmers with the mission of growing and marketing quality grain products.

We are committed to farmer initiative and ownership and the basic concept of the free marketplace.  Prime Grains Inc. is privately self-funded.  We want your support as a willing customer not as a coerced taxpayer.

Prime Grains Inc. is pleased to be a member of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture movements).   IFOAM is the umbrella organization created by the global organic community.  We support IFOAM because we believe it sincerely represents the interests of all sectors of organic agriculture from producers to consumers and is beyond the politics of national governments.

The experience, dedication and integrity of our growers and processors ensure and add to the quality of our products.  The Prime Grain products we offer you are grown by certified organic growers and are not genetically modified or irradiated and are without additives.

We are also enthusiastic about our membership and affiliation with Farmer Direct Co-op Ltd.  Based out of Regina Saskatchewan, this co-operative of Canadian Prairie organic family farms and ranches is the first to receive Domestic Fair Trade Certification with their FairDeal program.

Prime Grains is located in the northern region of the Prairie Great Plains of North America. This harsh winter climate is known for the production of high quality grains.  Based on this and being centrally located, we consider and target North America as our realistic “local market”.

We are the exclusive growers and suppliers of Prime Einkorn™, the nutrient rich, delectable wheat grain that dates back over 10,000 years to the stone-age.

We are pleased to additionally offer the following unique and healthy wholegrains:

Prime E-Barley is an ancient Ethiopian barley that has been grown as human food for thousands of years.  This hulless grain boasts 16% protein and 7.25% of the super nutrient beta-glucan.

Prime Buckwheat – this gluten-free pseudo grain, related to rhubarb, is now being acclaimed by researchers for its exceptional nutrition and healing properties.

Prime Golden Flax - with omega 3 oil for the heart, lignans for cancer and fiber for cholesterol, research shows the importance of flaxseed in the daily diet.

Prime Heritage Wheat – this 1950s nutritious baking wheat was developed to produce well under natural growing conditions.

Prime Whole Flour – 2010 research shows that eating wholegrain foods lowers blood pressure “similar to what you might expect to get from using blood pressure-lowering drugs”. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Rowatt Institute of Nutrition and Health, Aberdeen University, Scotland).  Not only are our Prime Flours the wholegrain of nutrient packed grains grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers, but they are also very tasty.

Prime Sainfoin – not a direct human food, but this ancient forage known as “healthy hay” is what we want for healthy meat and dairy products and a healthy environment.


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